Having duplicate keys on hand can save a lot of time and headache in the case of losing a key, being locked out of your home or automobile, or needing to give a spare key to someone. To have duplicate keys made, simply reach out to your locksmith. By using your existing key, your locksmith Atlanta will use a Key Cutting Machine to create more keys.

To make duplicate keys, your locksmith will insert two keys will into vices in a key cutter machine; one key will be your existing key and the other key will be a blank key, meaning that there are no grooves or notches on the key. The two keys will be held opposite each other and the original key will be used as a guide to perfectly guide the movement of the cutting device to remove the extra metal around the edges of the blank to make sure that it an exact replica.

After this procedure is done the locksmiths will have made a duplicate key to your original key. The new key will then need to be filed to remove small pieces of metal filings left on the new key from where it was cut. It is also very important that the key is filed to remove the metal filings as they can be sharp and therefore dangerous. Failing to shave the metal filings off can also change the shape of the key and keep it from fitting into the lock and can even destroy the lock by getting stuck in the mechanism.